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Interior design

Interior design

This is reception plan. We are doing roof plan with matching floor tiles plan. Add likewise reception table with chair. Place holding up couch and focus table. Configuration way wall framing and paint work. We are use to material partex board with plastic paint for roof. Floor tiles utilize Imported China tiles two variety blend. Tempered swing entryway use with worthwhile handle. Reception table plan by our Organization designer, make by our organization master woodworker. Configuration way attempts to utilize lighting. We are applying to ranch for rewarding reception room.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Vaaz interior kitchen cabinet design does by easy, lucrative and cost effective. Interior for now any kitchen design customize our expert designer. Design follows do we are applying light & paint.

Showroom & restaurant interior

Vaaz interior does different sort of display area and café interior. Like as- Hotel, Fast food, food corner, Pastry kitchen, café And so on. Our master tem consistently prepared to of our hotel/café client work. We are expertly lengthy time span accomplished this work.

Corporate Office interior

Vaaz interior has done much corporate office interior. Like as Chevron, US-Bangla Group, Flora Telecom, Birla Tires, iTS Etc. This is the Conference room. We are do ceiling with lighting, wall paneling and custom made conference table. Supply imported chair & flooring carpet.

Residence interior

This is Living room interior design. We are doing false ceiling with lighting, chawkat with door pallah, tv cabinet, sofa and center table. Add also wall & ceiling paint. Ceiling use material partex ply board with polish. Framing use garzoon wood. TV cabinet use material partex Burma teak ply with polish. Chawkat & door pallah use ctg.wood. We are trying to smoothly and smartly complete this work.