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AutoCAD – 7000/- Tk.


One CAD programmer for 2-D and 3D design and drafting may be AutoCAD. AutoCAD is one of the first CAD programmers’ that may no longer be available for personal computers. It is developed and distributed by Autodesk INC.

Vaaz Interior offers the best AutoCAD training available in Bangladesh.  We provide AutoCAD 2d & 3d training.

Students enrolled in programmers’ in related fields, such as engineering, may also need to take AutoCAD courses.

AutoCAD Course Curriculum:

  • Command: Line, Erase, Point, Grid, Ortho, Zoom, Snap, Limits etc
  • Command: Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Polygon, Donut, Solid, Trace, Pline etc
  • Command: Copy, Move, Array, Offset, Trim, Fillet, Chamfer, Extend, Break, Rotate, Stretch, mirror, scale etc.
  • Units, Osnap, Limits, Ortho, Text, Hatch, Mtext, Style, Bhatch, Hatching style, scale etc.
  • Command: Color, Linetype, Ltscale, Layer, Propertises, matchprop, layer etc.
  • Command: Distance, Area, list, Dimension, Horizontal dimension, Vertical dimension, Angular dimension, Continue, Leader, Dimgap, Dimtad etc.
  • Project drawing
  • Print/plot, paper setup
  • Command: Chprop, Vpoint, Hide, Shade, Vp, Render, Copy, 3D etc.
  • Command: Line, 3dface, box draw, Pyramid, Cone, dish, Dome, Torus, Sphere, Edgesurf, rulesurf, tabsurf, revsurf etc.
  • Command: Mirror 3D, Rotate 3D, 3D orbit, stair draw, table draw, Polysolid, cylinder, extruded Solid, Extrude, Rectangle and Arc extrude, union, render etc.

AutoCAD Training Center in Dhaka

Career info

Though drafters add a variety of specialties, the five most common specialization square measures are mechanical, study, civil, electrical, and physical science.

Mechanical drafters design blueprints for machinery and other mechanical devices.

Draughtsman in architecture design plans for both residential and commercial buildings.

Large building projects like sewage systems, highways, bridges, and other structures are designed by civil drafters.

Electrical drafters work alongside electricians to organize wire schematics for electrical system architectures.

Electronics drafters also design wiring diagrams, which are used in the production, installation, and upkeep of electronic equipment.

AutoCAD drafters use 2-D and 3D computer-aided drafting software to arrange blueprints and plans for design, construction, and production.

As an architectural planning tool

3ds max training course in Bangladesh

An easy user interface with intrinsic style layouts is what AutoCAD offers its users. These layouts use a variety of templates that were created especially for research and building development.

As a result, anyone with a basic understanding of AutoCAD should be able to overcome the difficulties involved in producing study designs for construction projects or accurately recreating buildings on time.

As an Engineering Drafting Tool

3ds max training course in Bangladesh

Infrastructure development, HVAC system analysis, and component sketching are critical activities in most engineering disciplines, including civil, mechanical, systems, and electrical engineering.

AutoCAD is one of the suggested software application categories since it provides specialists in these domains with special drafting tools to enable them to realize their engineering concepts with the level of precision they desire.

As a Graphic Design Tool

3ds max training Course in Bangladesh

Even though the computer-aided design community has access to more sophisticated visual design tools, AutoCAD is a powerful style tool that may be used in concert with Maya, 3D scoop, and other design/animation products as needed.

DWG and DXF files are supported by AutoCAD and can be exported from its interface to be mixed with the files of other highly qualified CAD programmers to aid in animation.

In 3D Printing

To create a 3D written object, a person needs to follow these three steps: select the object, get a virtual 3D illustration of the thing, and insert the image into the 3D printer to start the printing process.

AutoCAD also ensures that you won’t run into file compatibility problems when you use its interface to style your models and export them in the popular “.still” format, which works with most 3D printers and slicing programmers’.

In the Fashion Industry

It is crucial to recognize that all of the diamonds, glittering stones, and gems you have ever seen or worn have a look pattern that has inadvertently vanished because of careful design and artistic concerns.

This programmer makes the process of producing Byzantine designs—which include octagons, tetrahedrons, and many more shapes that neither you nor I may be familiar with—simpler with its straightforward CAD code and user interface.

AutoCAD Mechanical

3ds Max Training Course in Bangladesh    AutoCAD Mechanical code is production-oriented AutoCAD code designed to expedite the mechanical styling process. Along with a full suite of tools for automating technical chores such as creating bills of cloth, orienting, and creating machine parts, it has all the functionality of AutoCAD.

3dsMax -12,000/- Tk.

For 3D visualization artists, Vaaz Interior has put together the most thorough 3ds Max training available. You may acquire more than 55 hours of 3ds Max training for architectural visualization with our 3ds Max video training bundle. That’s similar to receiving the 3ds Max Advanced Modeling and System Resources videos for free when you purchase the Beginner & Intermediate videos!

3ds Max Course Curriculum:

  • Make box with length, width and height, rotate, scale, grid on/off
  • Make sphere, hemi sphere, cylinder, tube, oil tank, torus, pyramid, teapot, plane etc.
  • Make bottle, mushroom, cup etc.
  • Make table lamp, copy, array, flower, ring etc
  • Make wheel, scatter used, extrude, cut, reshape, star shape etc.
  • Shape line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, arc, donut, star, text etc
  • Table draw, glass draw, pipe from tape, retrace etc.
  • Flag draw, gift box draw, loft draw, wine glass draw etc.
  • CV curve make, jar make, mountain make, chair make etc.
  • Materials- sphere, cylinder, box use, make flag, environment use.
  • Camera navigation, make light and light use, light increase/decrease, light exclude/include
  • V-ray soft installation, V-ray materials use
  • V-ray materials from- tiles draw, glass draw, render setup, s.s. pipe draw etc.
  • Make animation
  • Project work- kitchen/living/ exterior building draw
  • Project work complete and solution.

Two-dimensional figure modeling is used more frequently in video games than in other animation applications because it offers extremely exact control over the individual polygons that make up the model.

Overall, this suggests that when playback is played under constant lighting conditions—particularly when motion is taken into account—the images stay steady and produce a continuous, normal image free of bad graphics and inaccurate shadows.

Vaaz Interior provides specialized 3dsMax training in Bangladesh. We teach a variety of subjects, including animation and 3dsMax.

CorelDRAW 7000/-Tk.

Many plate stars and configuration detachments across the world rely on CorelDRAW ® Illustrations Suite for limitless creation without wasting time, all planned according to your productivity. This fully stacked toolkit provides the ideal basis for rapidly expressing blended plan frameworks. It is equally creative and compelling as a corridor, catering to expert vector illustration, design, print alteration, typography, and coordinated effort.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction- What is CorelDRAW, To run CorelDRAW
  • Tool box- pick tool, zoom tool, pan tool. Rectangle tool, ellipse tool, polygon tool, spiral tool, text tool, interactive fill tool, out line, shape tool, knife tool, eraser tool, free hand tool, Bezier tool, Connector line tool, Interactive connector tool, Interactive contour Tool
  • File Menu- To open file Menu, To save a file, Import file, expert file, page setup, print
  • Edit Menu-To open edit Menu, To undo, To redo, To cut/copy/paste, to delete, to insert new object
  • View Menu-To open view Menu, Grid and Ruler setup, layout Menu, to open layout Menu, to delete page, to resize page.
  • Arrange Menu- To open arrange menu, to rotate an object effects menu, concept on effects menu, practice on effects menu, lenses, power clip
  • Bit Maps Menu-Concepts on Bitmaps menu, practice on bitmaps menu, bitmap and vector, filter, to add plug-in-filters
  • Text menu- to open text menu, practice on text menu, to add artistic text, to add paragraph text, to select text, format text, to front change, to specify line spacing, to edit text. to align text
  • Tools Menu-To open tools menu, object manager, to create a new layer, to delete layer, view manager, to make a new color style, to make shades of a color
  • Window Menu- To open window menu, to arrange icons, to display color palettes, property bar, pick tool, shape tool, knife and eraser, interactive drop shadow property bar, eyedropper and paint bucket tool property bar, CorelDRAW installation.

Adobe Photoshop   7000/-Tk.

Photoshop is a potent visual editing tool developed by well-known graphics software developer John Warnock of Adobe Systems Inc. The industry standard illustration graphics programmer Illustrator, the printer language known as PostScript, the sole font editor known as Photographer, Page Maker for creating pages, and other tools produced by Adobe are among the most widely used graphics applications worldwide.

Adobe illustrator   7000/-Tk.

A skilled craftsman’s ability to combine knowledge, imagination, cotton, and many sorts results in incredible handiworks. So many limitations exist. This limitation has been addressed by the development of robust illustration programming.

The artist can also be a text style supervisor, photographer, image editor, programmer of the best graphics, page creator in Photoshop, and so on. As illustration software, Adobe’s programmers are very well known.

WordPress   12,000/-Tk.

WordPress is among the most well-known preparatory courses that VAAZ INTERIOR offers in Bangladesh. This is appropriate for novices who need to learn WordPress. Additionally, it will assist you in developing profitable, inventive, and dynamic websites for any type of organization. We provide beginning to advance WordPress training in Bangladesh.

Professional interior design course   30,000/-Tk.

Interior design:

It all comes down to how we use spaces when designing an interior. It has a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, including how we work, play, live, and even recover. Beautiful public areas, cost residences, and useful businesses are all examples of interior design in action.

Interior definition:

The term “interior” refers to the space enclosed by the unfinished interior surfaces of the structure’s walls, floors, and ceilings; it excludes any areas that are only supplied by the structural elements of the building or its mechanical, plumbing, electrical, or other systems. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall not be responsible for any repairs.

Design Process:

Your space matters. But exceptional interior design doesn’t begin with a space at all—it starts with the unique people who will use and enjoy it.

People sometimes think we just make places look good. Although that’s a big part of what we do, we also are experts at the design analytics, foundations, schematics, and building partnerships! From carriage houses to custom homes, and commercial spaces we work with you to take dreams and designs through to concept and completion.

At Vaaz interior we take a holistic approach so we can create a unique space that reflects the perfect intersection between your personal needs, the best design principles, and the environment.

We love doing custom residential design because we know an excellent design that honors your personal needs will have a significant impact on your life. In working with a variety of people and spaces, we use an efficient (and effective!) design flow.

If you’ve never worked with a professional designer, here’s a short summary of the general process. Of course, the flow will be customized to your needs—depending on the project, you’ll need more or less support. Every phase ensures design integrity, budget and timeline efficiencies, and a great experience.

Design phases:

  1. programming
  2. schematic design
  3. design development
  4. contract documents
  5. tender
  6. project administration

3DS Max training course in Bangladesh

3DS Max training Course in Bangladesh