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Interior design is an art that helps in planning the interior design of your home. In simpler terms, the main thing of interior design is to present a home, office or any institution in a comfortable and aesthetic manner by making use of every space through proper use of cabinetwork, lights, and furnishings.

 Interior design is a professed discipline. To become an interior developer, you must suffer professional training. Also your interest in design, keeping abreast of design updates around the world is also veritably important. It has some crucial features that you should have full knowledge about. For illustration, lighting, systems, perpendicular and vertical shells etc.


Architectural design is a discipline that focuses on covering and meeting the requirements and demands, to produce living spaces, using certain tools and especially, creativity. thus, the end is to combine the technological and the aesthetic, despite the general belief that armature is only a technological task.

  In the same way, it mixes design, understood as the creative process, and armature, which is grounded on the creation and donation of results at a specialized position. By mixing both disciplines, architectural design seeks the values and formal rates of the workshop, through spatial gests. In general, we associate it with delineations, sketches or outlines of a design, and it’s one of its abecedarian bases. In this aspect of architectural design, there are also other factors involved, that are related to figure, space or aesthetics, among others. After all, armature, and thus architectural design, is made up of numerous rudiments and processes or phases.


A corporation making an effort to create a better working environment often focuses on their office interior. Instead of the traditional monotonous, soul-crushing & mechanistic design, they prefer a sophisticated, well-decorated office interior, designed for a pleasant experience of the employees. In coming up with sleek interior designing, VAAZ INTERIOR firm will always be up to the task. We provide a modern corporate office interior designing services in Bangladesh, tailor-made to fit your company profile. We offer a vast array of themes for you to select from & our extremely talented group of designers serve your needs promptly


Kitchen holds a great significance during the construction of a house. It’s positioning, size and innards plays a vital part to represent the aesthetics and taste of the proprietor. It also affects the mood of cuisine. A great Kitchen is supposed to be equipped with stylish quality and impeccably made closets for unborn use especially cooking and dining.

 Vaaz Kitchen was introduced to install the aesthetics and quality of a great kitchen. Our largely educated and professed masterminds always devoted to insure stylish quality kitchen press considering the requirements, available space and choices of our precious guests. We always concentrate on quality accoutrements, smooth finishing and stylish use of every inch of the kitchen. Our end is to realize your dream/ asked kitchen at stylish price. We believe your kitchen is the key to your hygiene and sound food habits. So our duty is to insure it through proper press and accessories at best style and quality.

Vaaz kitchen doesn’t retire only after proving you the stylish press. We also reference and deliver world class Kitchen Accessories to give your kitchen the complete look and make it 100 functional.

 Let’s give us the compass to make your kitchen the representative of your taste your class. And we will fill every corner of your kitchen with prestige.


Good news for all the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh
If you have taken a new office or are looking for a new office,
Office Workstation / Office Desk for Your Office We provide
office workstation support throughout Bangladesh.
We are always ready to set up your office workstation by our skilled technician.
If you want to buy office workstation / office desk or set-up, please contact.
You’ll be going to us.
product description:
***Supplying, fitting Fixing of work station desk, made of top 25mm Thick partex melamine board with Leg 2/2 m/s frame, upper top Fabric or 6mm glass partition of approved color and other necessary hardware as per design.


AutoCAD 2D & 3D






Vaaz Interiors has been providing top training for over 16 years. Apart from engineers here, many general students also take this course. About 200 students are training and working in different places.