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Architectural work

Who we are

Work fine arts vogue could also be a comprehensive, full service vogue firm motionless in Vaaz interior. By that concentrate on shopper desires; we’ve an inclination to deliver vogue solutions that exceed expectations. We’ve an inclination to check the constraints and challenges of each situation; whether or not or not site-related, programmatic, or financial; as opportunities to make results. Our vogue maintains the distinctive spar of each project, creating environments that operate and encourage.

Vaaz interior has been a pioneering force inside the humanities turning out with, interior and exterior vogue and implementation of development comes inside People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 2006, Vaaz interior is one altogether the regions preferred and revered multi-disciplinary apply firms, with offices in People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

We have huge expertise regarding humanities vogue, interior and exterior vogue. We’ve an inclination to help you from your plan to your completion of your home.


“Architecture” can mean: Architecture is every the strategy and thus the merchandise of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and completely different physical structures. Bailiwick works, at intervals the fabric form of buildings, square measure sometimes perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. Historical civilizations square measure sometimes square measure glorious with their existing bailiwick achievements.

A general term to elucidate buildings and completely different physical structures.

The art and science of bobbing up with buildings and (some) nonbinding.

The type of favor and methodology of construction of buildings and completely different physical structures.

A unifying or coherent kind or structure

Knowledge of art, science, technology, and humanity.

The style activity of the creator, from the macro-level (urban vogue, landscape architecture) to the micro-level (construction details and furniture). The observe of the creator, where style means giving or rendering delicate services in regard to the look and construction of buildings, or designed environments.

Vaaz interior

Design firm traces its roots back to 2006 in land and since then haven’t looked back. With associate degree outsize vary of winning  comes beneath our belt, unit in a position to} proudly say that we’ve an inclination to square measure one altogether the foremost trustworthy  construction firms in land liberal arts every domestic and international construction work.

For quite eleven years, Construction has offered an outsized vary of construction services in land, many totally different cities of land. we have a tendency to attempt to continue the most effective standards whereas Olympian client’s expectations the smallest amount bit levels. We’ve an inclination to not entirely honor commitments, but unit of measurement celebrated for meeting sturdy deadlines whereas delivering nothing but the only. we’ve an inclination to aim to create a responsive client relationship that permits North Yankee nation to meet and even exceed the goals of each of our comes.

Vaaz interior creator is documented for its innovation and by collaborating successfully with our customers, designers, sub-contractors, consultants additional as suppliers; we have got been able to provides a heap of specialized level of services. We’ve an inclination to stand live unendingly evolving and understand the varied aspects of delivering high value construction and complicated keep company with ease.

Great product and method: Our method is that the foremost important a district of our product.

Comprehensive team: Our team doesn’t merely embrace our own people, but to boot purchasers, partners, and thus the community.

Practical sustainability: nice vogue demands prime functionally. We’ve an inclination to vogue property structures, not for certifications, but as results of its nice vogue.

Honesty and integrity: Truth is honor. We’ve an inclination to believe that integrity is not merely smart business; it’s the right because of do things.

Community building: we have a tendency to want our buildings to enrich the community and anyone United Nations agency encounters them for the period of the structure.

What an architect does

A designer is over a designer. Academic degree designer can manage the entire vogue and construction technique. A minimum of five years’ university work, necessary wise experience and a registration act separates architects from various less-qualified building designers.

A designer will assist you set a viable and realistic budget, guide you via the look technique, acquire competitive quotes for the work, manage consultants like surveyors and engineers, monitor the budget and administer the event contract. Critically, your designer will examine the work everywhere the event quantity to assist you to urge the quality and level of finishes you expect.

Architect-designed buildings are better investments

Building a innovative home or work, or maybe extending your house, is maybe progressing to be the foremost necessary single expenditure you will produce. Begin by consulting a registered designer. Architect-designed buildings square measure extraordinarily sought-after terribly} very market that is able to purchase the benefits and pleasure of fine vogue.

Architects don’t merely design; they turn out environments, among and out. Architects end up galvanized solutions to typically difficult residential and industrial wishes. Creativity, attention to detail associated purposeful performance underpins everything a designer can.

An designer is responsive to the thanks to originated for best environmental performance; can recommendation relating to inserting the building on your data processor to optimize views and aspect, to catch the sun, provide shade, promote natural cross-flow ventilation, and cut back and conserve energy.

Architect-designed buildings square measure further energy economical, cheaper to manage and easier to require care of and adapt.

How to select an architect

You will increase your chances of getting it right by partaking degree creator UN agency is registered and a member of Institute of creator People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Once you’ve hand-picked the type of creator that’s right for you, you will be able to search our member database; understand degree creator, to hunt out the right creator for you.

We never stand still.

Vaaz interior works with shoppers and partners to conduct analysis share this information and film new ways in which during which to unravel the challenges of our designed surroundings.

VAAZ INTERIOR may be a international style, design, engineering and designing firm.

We use vogue to enrich people’s lives and facilitate organizations succeed. Our several people collaborate across a network of 2 offices on three continents.

Vaaz interior’s mission is to deliver exceptional vogue ideas and solutions for our purchasers through the creative commixture of human wish, environmental berth, value creation, science and art.

Our vogue solutions result from a cooperative technique that encourages multidisciplinary masterful teams to analysis alternatives, share info and film new ways in which during which to unravel the challenges of the designed atmosphere.


Vaaz Interior of arts firms may well be an organization of personal firms of consulting architects. Our objective is to represent business interests of active architects and to strengthen their position and improve the standard level and knowledge of East Pakistan arts firms.

Who will we have a tendency to tend to represent?

Our member’s area unit personal firms of consulting architects that area unit charged with arts assignments. one in each of the conditions for our members is that the management of every company is headed by a minimum of has worked as a full time creator for a minimum amount of 5 years, aboard a try of years as a self- used person or as trained worker.

These persons at the senior got level typically have an academic background from the National colleges of architects or Polytechnics (MS. Level).

Seeking Employment? we have a tendency to tend to seldom have job openings at the Vaaz Interior of humanistic discipline companies. If you are searching for employment or spot in associate extremely East Pakistan humanistic discipline firm please contact our members directly.

See a complete list of our members

“Vaaz interior of arts companies handle the members interest in relevance the govt.  … we have a tendency to tend to represent their views in public hearings as associate example among rules on procure, ICT, skills and business development.”

Vazz Interior of arts companies may well be a member of the Confederation of East Pakistan trade and discuss the ultimate agreements on pay and dealing conditions for the workers employed by our members. At the international level we have a tendency to tend to area unit active among the Architects.


Despite the country’s modest size, Bangladesh has created important impressions worldwide.

Human centered

Bangladeshi architects are notable for a straightforward vogue, however additionally for his or her incorporation of building users. As an example, Bangladeshi architects contemplate building dwellers or staff may well be, however a decent indoor surroundings for a faculty are often created, or the way to manufacture the proper lighting conditions.

Sustainable design

The human is at the centre. And, a similar is often afore said concerning property. Energy awareness among Bangladeshi architects dates back, however has intense in recent years because the consequences of temperature change became a lot of apparent.

Bangladesh has been a laboratory for property urban development for several years. Because the Bangladesh property agenda broadens, Bangladeshi fine arts corporations have stood at the table to create a major contribution towards the advancement of property in a very international scale.

Vaaz interior is that the prime Interior style and Exterior style Company in national capital, Bangladesh. We offer wide-ranging associate degreed complete style services starting with an initial style thought through installation and particularization of ultimate style rudiments to complete the project. we tend to square measure specialized interior and exterior style for Residence, Office, Hospital, Bank, Showroom, Pavilion, Outlet, Resort, Eco-Resort, 5 -Star edifice, Fountain and Landscaping . Our extremely gifted designer and dedicated specialize may bit your dream and that we will assure that our team will invariably be relied upon to make outstanding styles with a shocking method

Vaaz interior has been a pioneering force among the fine arts coming up with, interior and exterior vogue and implementation of development comes among the Bangladesh since 2006, Vaaz interior is one in each of the region’s beloved and revered multi-disciplinary apply corporations, with offices in Bangladesh.

We have massive expertise regarding fine arts vogue, interior and exterior vogue. We have a tendency to tend to help you from your plan to your completion of your home.




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